For Caregivers

Being A Caregiver

My wife was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome on December 1st, 2016. It's a day I will never forget. As a physician, I felt that I understood what patients went through and couldn't be more wrong.

Seeing Cristina, the love of my life, go through this unimaginable pain was helpless. To this day when I see her have an autonomic dysreflexia attack, I still feel helpless and frustrated.

I am not going to lie, it has been challenging. Being the caregiver has felt lonely because very few know what you go through and even more, you know nothing you do will make your loved one suddenly healthy. 

Through the years, we've realized there are beautiful ways to do this together. Our marriage is stronger than ever. I love my wife more than ever.

Through complete resolve, she decided to not only take GBS by the horns but instead to take all our research and approaches and coach others. I looked for someone doing something similar to gift to Cristina. The sad truth is there are very few resources for those living with auto-immune neurological disorders.

Had I seen someone that could relate and someone that would have given her a one-on-one coaching experience to make her life better? It would have been a gift I would have purchased for her without any hesitation whatsoever.

You love your spouse, your friend, or partner more than you can say. It's a beautiful thing to give them the life they deserve.

How to Offer Support


Tell them you love them. Daily.


Research & research more. Be their biggest fan.

Outside the box.

Think outside the box for ways to recover. Make sure they're living a beautiful cosmic life.

Rock on.

Be their biggest advocate. Never let them fight alone.


Do fun things together and remind them how beautiful life is.


Diet is incredibly important to recovery. Help them by improving diet together.